In the Parliament proposed to recognize that Ukraine "given at the mercy" of the IMF

Member of Parliament, co-Chairman of the faction "the Opposition platform For life," Vadim Rabinovich, after reviewing the new version of the programme of government, suggested the Pro-presidential faction "servant of the people" to recognize that Ukraine "given at the mercy of" the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the American financier George Soros.

Earlier, the Cabinet introduced to the Parliament the draft programme of activities of the government. The program is described in ten pages, does not contain specific figures or indicators. The relevant Committee of Parliament on Finance, tax and customs policy has criticized the document and recommended the Parliament to guide the program to completion.

"The program of the Cabinet is the same as the Prime Minister. Yes, it was three more pages of text than the previous version, and had a sketchbook, Write (addressing the deputies of the "Servants of the people" – ed.) honestly that Ukraine conquered and left to the mercy of the International monetary Fund and the Soros Foundation. We have murderers walking the streets, Soros "pumping blood" from the Ukraine, the IMF is killing our prospects. Even in Poland the Ukrainians without quarantine tout because you need slaves – strawberries there is no one to clean up," said Rabinovich on Tuesday on air of TV channel "112.Ukraine".

The politician believes that the main objective of the current authorities is "whipping up anti-Russian rhetoric". He stressed that Ukraine needs to establish relations with the CIS countries to restore the economy, and not to seek to Europe. "We always think that the state is a serious machine that conducts analysis of the situation. But it's not. The people who run the country today, escaped from the madhouse, don't know where they were, I don't know what this power can do," concluded Rabinowitz.

Earlier, the IMF Executive Board approved a new program to support Ukraine in 18 months with a total volume of $ 5 billion, the first tranche amounted to $ 2.1 billion.

George Soros is an American financier and investor. His work evokes a mixed assessment: the billionaire is often referred to as financial speculator. Company Soros Quantum nearly 40 years of operation, earned a record for the hedge funds $ 35 billion. Just for the mortgage crisis in the United States, the financier was rescued two years about $ 1 billion. Soros is actively engaged in politics: its funds were repeatedly accused of organizing regime change in several States. Financier himself does not deny that his money was helping, in particular, to conduct "orange revolution" in Ukraine in 2004 and the "euromaidan" in 2013.