The British authorities approved the first drug against COVID-19

The UK government on Tuesday has approved dexamethasone for the treatment of COVID-19 and claims to be the world's first cure for coronavirus.

"The government today has authorized the use of the National health service the world's first cure for coronavirus with a proven ability to reduce the risk of death... Funded by the government of trials of this drug showed that it substantially reduces the risk of death among patients requiring oxygen treatment. The government is doing everything possible to ensure that the drug was now available to all institutions of the National health service and across the UK", - stated in the transferred RIA Novosti news Agency the message of the Ministry of health of the country.

Anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone is known for more than 60 years and, according to the findings of the Oxford study, reduces the risk of death of patients connected to the ventilator, 35% among patients on oxygen treatment - by 20%. During the test, the drug took the patient 2104 for 6 mg daily for 10 days.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press briefing on Tuesday called the results of the research "the largest currently breakthrough" in the fight against coronavirus.

Existing stocks of steroid wrap which costs about £ 5, enough to treat more than 200 thousand people, according to the Ministry of health.

According to estimates, if the discovery was made early in Britain have been able to save 4-5 thousands of lives.

At the moment the number of victims of coronavirus in the country is close to 42 thousand, the number of cases - to 300 thousand.

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