In Germany reacted to trump's decision to withdraw troops

German MPs and diplomats are not surprised by Washington's decision to reduce the number of American military in Germany.

On the eve of President Donald trump has promised to reduce the American contingent almost doubled. He noted that the military spend a lot of money there, and Berlin, by contrast, are underpaid in the budget of NATO.

The German Ambassador in Washington, Emily Haber said that American troops are there not to defend the country.

"They are to protect transatlantic security, and also for a demonstration of American power in Africa, in Asia," she said.

The Deputy Waldemar Gerdt in comments to RIA Novosti said that the security of Germany, the withdrawal of American troops will not be affected.

The MP added that the reduction of American forces will be "a good incentive to think about their own concepts and security strategies and not to rely solely on "big brother" across the Atlantic".

Deputy Alexander Noah, in turn, called Washington's decision to blackmail.

"As usually happens in bad American movies, these threats are crammed with perverted arguments and lies, because in reality they have no reasonable excuse" — he was indignant.

The accusations from Washington that Berlin too little of the funds allocated in the defense budget, Noah called unfair. He noted that Germany years increasing its military spending in line with NATO requirements, and at the moment they account for more than 51 billion euros.

The same opinion is shared by the Deputy Johann Wadephul, who said in comments to Bloomberg that "partners don't do that".

"We would like to our main ally behaved exemplary, balanced, and not put pressure", — he concluded.

Previously, the newspaper Spiegel wrote that the decision of the us leader caught the German government by surprise. Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas are not surprised by the reduction of U.S. troops, noting that the two countries are in a difficult relationship.