Kaliningrad authorities have postponed the start of the tourist season

Kaliningrad authorities postponed the beginning of the tourist season because of the restrictions associated with the coronavirus, tentatively for the period from 22 to 26 June, according to the Association of tour operators with reference to the Minister for culture and tourism of the Kaliningrad region Andrey Ermak.

Earlier in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Minister said that the regional authorities hope that from about June 15 will be lifted restrictive measures related to the dissemination COVID-19, including canceled observation for arriving to the region, as well as fully open hotels and public restaurants.

"The timing had to be moved. New tentative date of start of the tourist season in the region - from 22 to 26 June. We hope that this time, the tourists arriving to Kaliningrad, you will not have to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. But the test for coronavirus yet to be needed. If tourists will come without this help, will have to pass through the Observatory," said Yermak, whose words are in the message of Association.

Earlier it was reported that the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov recommended that restaurateurs and hoteliers to begin preparations for opening restaurants and hotels. In addition, the decision oberstab for control of coronavirus infection on Tuesday resumed work parks, zoo and Botanical garden in the cruising mode, without opening the pavilions. Started working dental clinic, cosmetology, massage parlors, plastic surgery clinics.

In the region continues to act in a mask mode in all public places. While still flown in to the Kaliningrad region from other regions must comply with the 14-day regime of self-isolation. The ban on holding mass events, which was to end June 15, is retained until a special order of the regional government.

In total, according to oberstab, June 16 at COVID-19 surveyed, 71.6 per thousand. 2124 identified cases of infection (12 for the last day), of which 1042 persons were cured (56 per day), 34 died. Under medical supervision remain 4832 person.

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