In the Federation Council proposed a new procedure of providing state support to companies

The head of the budget Committee of the Federation Council Anatoly Artamonov offers a new order of granting of measures of state support of victims of the coronavirus to companies based on revenue and ability to work in a period of self-isolation.

"The situation with the spread of novel coronavirus infection have shown the need for urgent measures to reform the Russian classification of economic activities (OKVED). I also believe that for the improvement of mechanisms of state support of organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the spheres that are most affected by the deteriorating situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, you should go for the provision of state support measures not on the basis of NACE codes, and by introducing two groups of victims," the Senator said during the meeting with the government.

According to him, the first group should include organizations forcibly closed by state authorities in connection with the measures taken to combat coronavirus infection - definition of the criteria to be classified forcibly closed.

"The second group - the organization that the fall in revenue which amounted to more than 30% relative to weighted average earnings per month by the end of 2019," - said Artamonov.

The Senator also considers it necessary to reallocate part of the revenues from excise duties on tobacco products between the Federal budget and budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, providing the standard of crediting these revenues not only in the Federal Treasury but also to the budgets of the regions. "It is necessary to determine the order of depositing such revenues according on the retail sale of these products, as reflected in the information system of monitoring circulation of goods subject to mandatory marking means of identification. This will provide additional revenue sources for regional budgets, and ensure equitable distribution of revenues from excise duties on tobacco products between regions," - said Artamonov.

To increase regional budget revenues, the MP proposed to provide for an early transition to depositing excise taxes on petroleum products to the Treasury agents.

In addition, the Senator called for encouraging the use of regions investment tax deduction on their territories. He stressed the need to approve rules of determination of new investment projects, to implement which the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which would be released as a result of reduction of volume of repayment of its debt, will be directed to financing infrastructure. "The responsibility for the selection of new investment projects carried out according to clear criteria, will be borne by the Commission of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the redistribution of budget allocations in the current financial year and planning period," - said Artamonov.

The legislator also proposed to make an inventory of regional highways, performing the function of interregional transport and transfer, as well as runways of airfields (except for private) in the Federal property. In addition, the Senator noted the importance of compliance with the use of maximum level of co-financing of expenditure obligations of the regions from the Federal budget in the allocation of subsidies to the budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and suggested to consider the possibility of a differentiated approach in respect of constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the rates of mortgage lending.

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