The new owner of trump was found in an unexpected place

The internal enemies of Donald trump preparing a trap for him in case of his victory in the November presidential elections: instead of accusations of treason and cooperation with the Kremlin, that is, the hackneyed and deeply discredited the "Regata", he may prepare a new charge, this time associated with China. On the basis of information which is distributed now by the U.S. Agency of business information Bloomberg, we can assume that trump will be declared a "Chinese candidate" who wittingly or unwittingly help Beijing in the fight with Washington.

"Interviews with nine current and former officials in China indicate a change in sentiment in favor of the incumbent President (of the United States. — Approx. ed.), despite the fact that he spent most of the last four years, accusing Beijing in everything from trade imbalances to the US (of the epidemic. — Approx. ed.) Covid-19. The main reason? The belief that profits from the erosion of the American post-war network of alliances outweigh any damage (inflicted. — Approx. ed.) to China and ongoing trade disputes and geopolitical instability."

In its own way, it's a logical position in the sense that you have proved the willingness of the administration to trump conflicts on many fronts at once, and fighting with all allies is a really serious problem, which imposes restrictions on sensitive American ambitions in terms of dealing with China. On the other hand, it should be noted that the current US President is extremely dangerous for China, including because of its radical anti-Chinese ambitions, which may push him to provide unprecedented pressure on the EU to force European countries to abandon the cooperation with China especially in the economic and technological sphere.

It is worth noting that the only (albeit former) Chinese officials, who agreed to comment to Bloomberg under your name, emphasizes that it is not that trump like Beijing, and that it is perceived as a "lesser evil":

"If Biden is elected, I think it can be more dangerous for China, because Biden will work with its allies against China, while trump is destroying the alliances of the US," said Zhou Xiaoming, the former Chinese negotiator on trade issues, and former Deputy trade representative in Geneva. Four operating officer supported this view, saying that many in the Chinese leadership believe that victory trump can help Beijing weaken what they consider to be the main asset of Washington to block the growing influence of China."

It must be noted that the American experts and journalists who work in the media field, the thesis that "trump is a better candidate for China because all Americans wishing to punish China for all the bad things, vote for Biden" is based on one assumption which is not spoken openly, but it is considered as a matter of course.

This assumption lies in the fact that trump's relations with Europe are in a bad state (which is true) and that Biden (or, more precisely, his Vice President, who will lead the country for specific assessment of cognitive functions Biden) somehow magically transform the European Union into a kind of battering RAM, which can be safely, effectively and from a safe distance "to peel" in China. And this implied scenario is far from obvious or far is not necessarily realistic. The European Union, especially of the specimen 2020 is not exactly Ukraine, which last democratic Obama administration turned to the country kamikaze, ready to blow themselves to bloody molecules, but would be praised in Washington for causing damage to Russia.

The European Union, and have stated such prominent figures of the European political establishment, like President of France Emmanuel Makron or the head of European diplomacy Josep of Borelli wants to play the role of an independent pole of power and earn the conflict on the Washington — Beijing and not become a victim of this conflict. We already wrote about this new position of the European Union: "By and large, the European Union through its leading diplomat made the Declaration of sovereignty. Version Borella, Europeans "need to follow our own interests and values and avoid becoming a tool of one side or another," apparently implying an unwillingness to become a pawn in the hands of Beijing or remain a pawn in the hands of Washington."

Also it should be totally unsound theory that the rift between Brussels and Washington began when trump and exclusively because of their eccentric egoism of the American President is populist. Harder: for example, the joint efforts of aspiring to the sovereignty of the European political elite disrupted the signing onerous for the EU "Transatlantic trade and investment partnership" (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) under Obama, and the future trend on the sovereignty of the European Union — it is a logical consequence of the actions taken by France and Germany in the distant 2016.

In this context, it is necessary to recognize the correctness of the forecast, which Bloomberg and Ian Bremer attributed to Chinese officials: the deterioration of relations between the US and China is an inevitable process that will only increase. However, the difference between the trump and Biden in the "strangulation" of China is perhaps stylistic. Moreover, if trump wins, constant accusations that he was the "best candidate" for the Beijing, will get it to go on introduction of new sanctions — similar to what happened after his election in 2016 and the start of the investigation "of Regata" in its relations with Russia. But Biden is not immune from such attacks, especially that it can be accused of ties with China with much greater reason than trump.

As a result, for China the most likely scenario in the selection process of the two American evils will be the election of the President, who will be literally forced to combine all the most aggressive elements of the anti-Chinese policies of both candidates. This is not good from the point of view of global stability. A potential confrontation between two nuclear powers always carries serious risks — but, on the other hand, anything else the collapse of the us-centered world order and can not end. When the head of European diplomacy noted that "the Asian century began," he was absolutely right, regardless of what they think in Washington.