Kosachev assessed the situation on the Korean Peninsula

Strained relations with Seoul, Pyongyang may raise rates at negotiations with Washington on the nuclear program, but also expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of inter-Korean dialogue, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Earlier it became known that North Korea has destroyed the connection of inter-Korean office in Kaesong.

"I would not like to be wrong, but while I would not consider this unfortunate incident as the beginning of hostilities one of the parties of opposition (by the way, technically both are a state of war, because a peace agreement was never signed after the war in 50 years)", - Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

He noted that Pyongyang has intensified against the backdrop of blatant provocation from the South – North Korean defectors since the beginning of the month launched an active propaganda campaign, pointing toward the DPRK balloons with 500 thousands of anti-government leaflets and threatened to send more than 1 million appeals.

"Official Seoul has tried to "disown" from the actions of the migrants and even filed a complaint with the police on their social organization. According to some experts, the provocation are conservative and religious groups close to the opposition, not the Seoul government. But the North side is clearly not satisfied, and she went on a conscious aggravation of the situation", - said the Senator.

In addition to direct response to provocations from the South, this may be hiding several reasons, says the legislator. "Perhaps, Pyongyang raises the stakes in negotiations with Washington on its nuclear program. Or North Korea is simply not satisfied with the progress of inter-Korean dialogue – a lot of initiatives rather symbolic character from the South, but little or no progress in important for Pyongyang economic sphere, under threat of us sanctions", - he explained.

Anyway, there is a clear rollback from the previously achieved a sufficiently high level of relations between the two Koreas, believes Kosachev. "We hope to open confrontation will not come neither one of the parties is not necessary. Looks like we need some fresh ideas for bilateral dialogue, but they must come from the parties", - concluded the politician.