In Malaysia, recovered from coronavirus reached 7733

Malaysia recorded the highest for the time of a pandemic, the amount recovered from COVID-19 patients per day, informs on Tuesday, the newspaper New Straits Times, citing the country's Ministry of health.

The head of the Department of health, Ministry of health of the country Noor Hisham Abdullah said Tuesday at a press briefing in Kuala Lumpur that over the past day, 333 patients, who have recovered from coronavirus infection, was discharged from the hospital, said in a statement.

Among recovered – 307 foreign citizens and 26 citizens of Malaysia, said the head of the Department. He noted that since the beginning of the pandemic in the country has recovered 7 733 people, or for 90.9% of cases.

According to June 16, the last day in Malaysia was 11 new patients, 10 of whom were infected in well-known doctors clusters of infection within the country, and one was infected abroad, said Noor Hisham Abdullah. For the past day in the country registered deaths from infection. Thus, from the beginning of the epidemic in Malaysia has contracted a coronavirus infection 8 505 persons died, 121, recovered 7 733 people remain in hospitals 651 people, including 4 in intensive care, but they are treated without the need for a ventilator, said the head of the Department, quoted by the newspaper.

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