In Uniper called the US sanctions "Nord stream — 2" illegal

Uniper, one of the five European partners of "Gazprom" on the "Nord stream — 2" believes that a violation of the sovereignty of EU's possible new sanctions of the USA against the project, but countermeasures against, rejects sanctions as a tool, told RIA Novosti in the company.

"We are closely monitoring current developments in the USA concerning the possible new laws on sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2". In particular, we took note of the introduction by Senator Cruz of the bill", - stated in the Uniper.

"It will extend the existing sanctions against the pipeline "Nord stream — 2". That would be a clear step toward escalation and further significant intervention in the sovereignty of the EU and its energy security. Uniper does not support countermeasures - overall Uniper rejects sanctions as an instrument of trade policy," - noted in the company.

The head of Committee of the Bundestag on energy Klaus Ernst on Tuesday proposed to impose sanctions against U.S. senators to initiate new sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2", adding that it would be a "last resort". He has previously stated RIA Novosti that Germany may impose punitive duties on gas from the United States in case of continuation of pressure on the "Nord stream — 2".