In Sweden the number of drug offences rose by almost a third

The number of drug-related crimes have increased in Sweden by 26% compared to the same period in 2019 against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus, said in published on Tuesday the report of the Police Department.

"The biggest increase in the number of alleged crimes - drug offences, recorded growth of 26%. This may be due to the fact that the drugs continued to come in Sweden, despite the pandemic coronavirus. The second reason the police began to pay more attention to such crimes, and this is reflected in the numbers" - are reported words of the head of the special unit "Crown" of His Pen.

The police in the period from mid-March to mid-April 2020 recorded a significant decline in the number of other crimes, such as burglaries and robberies. Analysts attribute this to the fact that many people during the peak of the spread of coronavirus prefer to stay at home and avoid restaurants, despite the fact that Sweden was not officially introduced the lockdown.

However, in may the crime rate began to return to the previous level. "We can observe that the pandemic coronavirus has affected the number of applications, but now statistics show a return to previous levels," - said in the report Engstrom.

Authorities Sweden has not imposed a strict lockdown, among the reasons it is called the ability to save soft measures for a long time, not to impose a quarantine in the fall, in the case of the second wave of infection. To date, Sweden has recorded 4.8 thousand deaths associated with infection with a coronavirus, has infected more than 50 thousand people.

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