In the Saratov region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 39

Another patient with coronavirus infection has died in the Saratov region, the total number of deaths rose to 39, reported on Tuesday first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

In total, the region 4857 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, recovered 2204 of the patient. 13 June in the area died and 38 people with COVID-19.

"Today, there is information about another deceased person. In total to date 39 deaths from diseases directly associated with novel coronavirus infection", - Shuvalov said at a briefing on the situation COVID-19 in the field.

He said that the 39th deceased is a 59-year-old patient, who in connection with lung disease within a week received all the necessary therapy at home, but then his condition deteriorated and the man was hospitalized in COVID hospital.

"On the second day he was transferred to the apparatus of artificial ventilation of lungs, 10 days was on a ventilator, but, unfortunately, in connection with the progression of respiratory failure, severe intoxication syndrome, progression of organ failure to save him failed," - said the Deputy Minister.

He said that currently, patient treatment is 1101 patient with coronavirus, of which 957 sick with pneumonia, and among them 115 are on oxygen support and 73 connected to the ventilator, including 31 - for invasive. On outpatient treatment in home isolation are 1262 patients with coronavirus.

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