Tsarukyan refused to go to NSC in the car security forces

The head of the opposition party "prosperous Armenia" Gagik Tsarukyan, to which the Prosecutor's office intends to bring charges of voter bribery, refused to go on interrogation in homeland security in the car of the security forces and went there by car, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the Parliament discusses the issue of depriving Tsarukyan's parliamentary immunity. The politician said earlier that he was again summoned to the national security Service. At the Parliament building gathered supporters of the Deputy. Police thwart attempts to hold a rally. Their actions law enforcement authorities motivate the ban on mass actions in conditions of emergency imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus.

Coming out of the Parliament building, Tsarukyan until enjoying parliamentary immunity, sat in his car, but one of the SNB officers asked him to sit in the car security forces. The MP refused, then one of the investigators got into the car Tsarukyan, and the motorcade went to the building of national security Service. In the Parliament building were the special forces of the NSS.

The Armenian Prosecutor General's office intends to attract Tsarukyan under article "complicity in bribe voters, violations of the ban on charity during elections or obstructing free expression of will of voters". The Department argued that sane Tsarukyan act was committed in the run-up to parliamentary elections on 2 April 2017. The consequence of suspects policy in creating an organized group to bribe the voters. On Sunday, the SNB officers searched the house of Tsarukyan, and then for almost nine hours, he testified in person. The public Prosecutor has asked Parliament to authorize the prosecution of Tsarukyan.

On the fifth of June at a meeting of the political Council of the party Tsarukyan proposed to change the government at 100%. According to him, the main problem is that in government there are no experienced people. The Deputy refers to actions of law enforcement authorities as political persecution.

The party "prosperous Armenia" political force with a liberal slant - was created by Tsarukian in 2004. The Parliament of the current convocation of the "Prosperous Armenia" belongs to the 25 seats out of 132.