Bonia called living on the minimum wage of Russians are alcoholics and rogue

The former participant "Houses-2" and TV presenter Victoria Bonya Instagram was criticized in the Russians, who earn a minimum wage.

She believes that the aid is necessary to provide entrepreneurs whose business stopped for two months because of a pandemic coronavirus.

"Why the government decides what the salary should be are inept alcoholics," said Bonia, explaining that if the work is worth ten thousand, that so many have for her to.

According to her, hand out money "just all sorts of bums, drunks, addicts, which breeds more and more, just because they live in Russia" — and then they (though not all) drained the money on alcohol and drugs.

"And then do nothing, just people are lazy. Why do they need to do something?" — says TV presenter.

At the end of last year another ex-member of "House-2" and TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva said that for the sake of social benefits to give birth to several children will be the only "desperate poverty of the Russians" and "cattle, which are not always enough for a bottle of vodka". In her opinion, the problem with fertility is "not the size of the parent capital, and in the level of life of Russians". Later, the presenter had to give explanations to the police.