The drummer of Rammstein said that the band is working on new music

Drummer of German rock band Rammstein Christoph Schneider said in an interview with the leading Rodeo Radio podcast than participants engage in self-isolation, pandemic coronavirus, according to Metalhead Zone.

Musician remembered concert tour, which was supposed to start last week. But COVID-19 group was cancelled. In order not to waste time rockers got myself a job.

In mid-March, the band's vocalist till Lindemann managed to give two concerts in Moscow as part of his band, along with Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren. Shows were held with all the necessary security measures taken by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin due to the coronavirus.

But after a few days in the media appeared information that Lindemann was hospitalized in a hospital in Berlin with suspected COVID-19. However, this diagnosis had not been confirmed. The test showed a negative result.