Media: Pakistan has freed two Indian diplomats

Pakistani authorities released two detainees on the eve of the employees of the Indian Embassy, reports the Hindu newspaper.

The newspaper reports that they work with drivers in the Indian Embassy in Pakistan. It is noted that the injuries on their bodies show that they were beaten during detention in police custody.

Pakistani TV channels earlier reported that in the capital of Pakistan, two diplomats detained in attempt to disappear from a road accident place. As noted by the Indian media, the incident occurred a few weeks later, after two Pakistani diplomat in new Delhi who worked in the visa section, was accused of espionage and deported.

Relations between India and Pakistan escalated after August 5, 2019 new Delhi announced the decision to abolish the state of Jammu and Kashmir, creating on its basis two Union territories (administrative units that have less rights than the state). For this, the Indian Parliament abolished article 370 of the Constitution, which gives the state special status. Pakistan, which claims the Indian part of Kashmir, strongly condemned the decision.

After the Muslim regions of British India formed the separate state of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir was the only Indian state where the majority are Muslims. There are active separatists, which new Delhi accuses the Pakistani authorities. Islamabad denies the accusations, saying that the Kashmiris themselves are fighting for their rights.