Chelyabinsk airport has begun work around the clock

The international airport of Chelyabinsk, Kurchatov 16 Jun returns to clock mode after the reduced regulation because of the reconstruction, reported the press service of the Chelyabinsk airport.

The General contractor replaced the lighting, installed a system of lights high intensity (OVI-III, category III A) the new equipment will allow to provide conditions for take-off and landing aircraft under all weather conditions, the report States. Also at the airport completed work on the widening of the artificial runway with a magnetic heading of 270 degrees landing, explained in a statement.

According to the press service, work is being done around the clock, on the subject involved 195 people working staff and 72 units of equipment.

Earlier, first Deputy transport Minister Alexander Neradko at the airport of Chelyabinsk has noted that work at the airport are on schedule, the total investment in the reconstruction of the airport amounted to more than 10 billion rubles, the completion date of the reconstruction project, August.