The government wants to take 60% of the costs upon transfer of cars on gas

Minister of energy Alexander Novak suggested that Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov to increase the share of subsidies from the budget for the transferring vehicles to individuals and small businesses from gasoline to natural gas two times, according to RBC with reference to the letter of official.

Thus, subsidies are not 30% and 60% of the cost of the conversion. Another 30% of the costs will be paid by "Gazprom" at the expense of the marketing programs of its subsidiary company "Gazprom gas fuel". Car owners will be left to pay only 10%.

As noted in a letter to Novak, the transfer of cars on gas fuel will help significantly reduce the cost of car ownership petrol and diesel. The operational launch of a programme for large-scale translation technology will allow transfer of gas to 10-12 thousand cars this year.

The press service of the energy Ministry confirmed Novak's initiative. The government supported his proposal was supported.

In November it became known that the government in the next five years will direct to the development of motor industry of 50 billion rubles, during which it is planned to triple the number of vehicle gas filling stations.

According to 15 June at the Moscow gas stations average cost of a litre of gasoline AI-95 was 47,41 ruble, diesel fuel — 47,60 of the ruble. The average price of one cubic meter of natural gas — 16.73 ruble. By calculations "Gazprom gas fuel", the cost of a kilometer of a car on gas will amount to 1 ruble, the gasoline — three rubles.