The scientist called for the creation of a global surveillance network for permafrost

The rapid temperature rise of permafrost under conditions of climate change requires the creation of a unified database to monitor her as in natural conditions, and in the cities, said RIA Novosti Professor at the George Washington University (USA) glaciologist Dmitry Streletsky.

He explained that the system of monitoring of the permafrost is everywhere in some form. "The problem is that there is no coordination. Basically monitoring the background state of permafrost do different groups of scientists, and there is no coordination at the country level", - said the scientist.

In Canada, for example, the geological survey conducts its observation, there are States, which also monitor the permafrost, universities with research projects on monitoring the state of permafrost. However, all these data separately. According to the Musketeers, coordination at the country level is only in Switzerland.

"In the cities needs to be of your service, watch the frozen ground under each house: the perimeter and the center. If we try to understand what is happening with the climate, with the Arctic natural systems, it is necessary to measure", - concluded the Agency interlocutor.