Indonesia will open schools in areas free from COVID-19

Indonesia open in July, school in the green zones, districts and cities, in which long time there is no infection coronavirus infection COVID-19, said on Tuesday the online version of the newspaper Jakarta Post, citing the Ministry of education and culture of the country.

All educational institutions in Indonesia are now working exclusively in the online mode in connection with the adopted in the country measures to combat the spread of infection.

"About 90 cities, towns and districts throughout Indonesia are considered as green areas. The number of students in these areas is approximately equal to 6% of the total number of students in the country. This means that the remaining 94% will have to continue their education online," said the Minister.

He also said that the beginning of the new academic year in schools in Indonesia is planned for July 13. The Ministry will provide the right final decision about opening your schools in the green areas of the local administration, decisions will be made depending on the development of the epidemiological situation, added Makarim.

National center of Indonesia to combat the spread of COVID-19 divided the country into green, yellow, orange and red zones, depending on the severity of infection coronavirus infection, which is determined by the 15 indicators proposed by the world health organization, including the number of cases, number of cases of suspected coronavirus and the number of deaths from infection, the newspaper reminds.

Schools in green zones will be opened in a careful manner, epidemiological security, including mask regime and social distance between the students throughout their stay at the school. The same rules apply to the teachers, the newspaper reports. Local authorities will maintain control over their observance, the report said.

According to 16th of June in Indonesia since the beginning of the pandemic contracted coronavirus infection 39 294 human, fully recovered 15 123 people died from infection 2 198 people.

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