In Moscow has granted the deferral of payments to tenants and developers

Moscow authorities have granted the continuance on obligatory payments by more than 13.6 billion rubles more than 3.5 thousand tenants, future owners of urban real estate and developers, according to the website of the mayor and the city government.

"Tenants and future owners of urban real estate and builders received a deferral of mandatory payments by more than 13.6 billion rubles," - said on its website, citing Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

It added that the delay provided to developers, land owners, representatives of small and average business, the city reacquires the property.

"All this support has already received 3573 ago. So, the developers have received deferred rental payments on the land almost 5.2 billion rubles, the deferred payment for changing the permitted use of the land amounted to 4,79 billion, deferred payments for redemption of real estate — 3.6 billion. The total amount of support in these areas is 13.6 billion rubles," - are reported words Efimova.

To obtain the cancellation or postponement of payments for the lease of urban land and non-residential premises, individual entrepreneurs and organizations have until December 31, 2020 to submit to the Department of city property appeal in a free form indicating the number of the lease, or financing account. You also need to attach the photos confirming the actual activity of the lessee, and the order on suspension of work in accordance with the laws. Applications are accepted online through the service "Electronic reception" on the portal mos.ru and mail to the Department of city property.

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