Roskoshestvo checked the gasoline AI-92 at the Moscow gas stations

Roskoshestvo checked automobile gasoline AI-92 at seven Moscow gas stations, not finding any discrepancies regulated requirements, stated in the message of the organization.

"Experts of the laboratory was tested fuels, which is implemented in seven Metropolitan stations. According to the survey results any discrepancies gasoline the statutory requirements were not found", - reported in these materials.

Gasoline was estimated at more than 30 parameters of quality and safety, such as the mass fraction of sulfur and organically bound oxygen, the concentration of lead, manganese and iron, the volume fraction of hydrocarbons, monomethylaniline, benzene and oxygenates. Furthermore, we investigated consumer (in particular the octane number, concentration of resins and other) and sensory (appearance, content of mechanical impurities) properties of fuel and also its marking.

Roskoshestvo reminds that the testing of gasoline AI-92, which were held a year ago in Stavropol Krai, revealed non-compliance with technical regulations in seven of the 60 samples that were purchased at non-network stations. In addition, in the course of the procurement violations were registered relating to the procedure for circulation of fuel in the market.

"In the study of gasoline, realizowanego in Moscow, such violations are not identified: copies of passports of the quality of fuel was placed on a specially installed at the gas station stands and was freely available," says Roskoshestvo.

The study was organized in the framework of a cooperation agreement with Rosstandart and passed in an accredited laboratory office, which previously carried out testing of diesel fuel, the attorneys of the measuring instruments and certified test equipment.