Banks noted a sharp increase in the demand of citizens for investment coins

The demand for the Russian investment coins on the background of the coronavirus and increased volatility in global financial markets rebounded significantly, RIA Novosti was told in the country's largest banks.

Such coins can be very interesting asset, especially for the novice investor: investments do not require special knowledge, and the value follows the quotations of the metal from which they are made.

This can be advantageous, as in the situation of recent months, when gold prices significantly increased on the world market. And, according to banks, some gold coins over the past six months has risen by a quarter.

"In March-may of the current year (period of isolation and significant volatility in the financial markets), the demand for gold bullion coins from the customers of the savings Bank three to four times higher than the monthly average last year", - in particular, it is told in the credit institution.

When considering coins as an asset, it is important to distinguish between investment and commemorative coins. The first made only of precious metals, since their main purpose is to serve as a means to preserve and increase capital. The minting of commemorative coins dedicated to some event, they can be dedicated to the famous personalities and memorable places. Unlike investment, commemorative coins may be made of ordinary, non-precious metals and their alloys.

As explained in the savings Bank, the cost of commemorative coins in addition to the price of the metal is incorporated, as a rule, quite a significant production margin due to technological peculiarities of production of mirror surfaces, additional inserts, a touch of design. In the case of commemorative coins, the growth of metal prices may not always cover the cost of production margins.

Thus, to make commemorative coins can only be due to the increase in collectible value, which is determined by much more complex mechanisms than the value of the metal in the market. According to Russia's largest Bank, if the demand for bullion coins in terms of isolation grows, to aide, on the contrary, decreases, as they are in most cases bought as a gift or as a collectible.

"We expect a recovery of interest of our retail customers to gift coins in the third and fourth quarter of 2020 and accordingly adapt the product offer of the Bank, including expanding the range of coins available in the price segment up to 3-4 thousand rubles," - noted in the savings Bank.

Traditionally, in periods of market uncertainty in high demand among the Bank's clients have gold investment coins of the Bank of Russia. Currently, the main coin in this category is gold "George" mass of 7.78 grams, or, as they say among investors, a quarter ounce of pure gold.

This coin is produced in significant quantities, allowing to meet the growing needs of the clients and to avoid possible shortages during peak periods of high volatility.

"In General, for a half quarter of 2020, the Bank has sold a number of Russian gold investment coins "Georgiy Pobedonosets", comparable to annual sales of similar coins in 2018-2019 years", - told in the savings Bank.

Additional interest fixes here and another large Russian Bank - VTB. "We are seeing increased demand for investment coins. Most popular now among the customers of VTB Bank gold investment coin "George Pobedonosets". It is produced on a regular basis, its circulation is not tied to a memorable event or date, and for coinage use only gold without any inserts," commented the Bank.

The profitability of investments in investment coins depends on the price of precious metals. So, a year ago the price of gold "George" was in the range 21 to 24 thousand rubles, and now it is 31 -35 of thousands, told the Russian agricultural Bank. And compared to last year the demand of Bank clients for investment coins from gold and silver increased more than twice, said there.

Over the past year, PSB also saw the growth of demand for bullion coins almost doubled, and during coronavirus limits the interest in them has only increased.

Customers "URALSIB" last year was a pretty stable interest in the investment and commemorative coins, including clients interested in gift themes: symbol of the year (rat), birthday, wedding, birth of a child, however, this year the Bank also observes an explosive demand is primarily for bullion coins. And in March, when it dropped the price of silver in dollars, began to grow the demand for this metal.

The growth in demand for bullion coins is also associated with the outflow of deposits from banks and the entrance to the traditional, well-known asset protection - precious metals conclude in a credit institution.

In the Bank, however, increased demand for coins is not observed.

Investing in coins has a number of advantages over other tools that allow you to invest in gold, such as mutual funds or gold bullion, said the Deputy head of Department - the head of Department of operations with precious metals "Open" Maxim Kurts. This conventional cash transactions in a Bank, do not require any additional financial knowledge, besides buying coins, unlike bullion, is not subject to VAT, he said.

If you consider gold coins as an investment instrument, it is best to choose the most liquid items, which can be easily sold unlike commemorative and collector coins - they can grow in price more, but the demand for them is limited, the Director of the Directorate of private capital PSB Natalia Kapinos.

Some coins can be very high yield. For example, a silver coin dedicated to the 200th anniversary from the birthday N. In. Gogol and released edition of just 500 copies, at the moment, increased in price four times, said the head of Department of Commission products of Minbank Marina Pechenkina.

"Novice investors are advised to note the following characteristics of coins: circulation commemorative coins - the smaller it is, the more valuable coin, and the year for the bullion coins (coins of the later model years usually have better condition than the predecessors). In addition, the liquidity and value as commemorative and bullion coins is influenced by the weight and value of coins with lower weight are more liquid," concludes Pechenkina.