In Italy, the media appreciated the letter on the financing of the Movement 5 stars Venezuela

The document, allegedly confirming the receipt of funding to the address of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" from Venezuela, may be fake, writes on Monday, the news Agency Agenzia Nova.

On Monday, the Spanish newspaper ABC, citing secret documents wrote that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his tenure as foreign Minister in 2010 he sent to Italy by 3.5 million euros for the secret financing of the "Movement 5 stars" (Д5З). Now it is one of the two major forces in the ruling in Italy the most.

Nova analyzed the scan orders provided the Spanish edition and found some inconsistencies. First of all, the email header indicates the intelligence service of the defense Ministry, which it did. Full official name of the Ministry is not enough accepted in Venezuela turnover "...people's power", which became mandatory from 2007.

The seal placed on the document looks like a mirror reflection of the state coat of arms of Venezuela - a horse on it not running right to left and Vice versa. Attention is also Italian journalists drew the date and signature in the lower right corner of the letter. Marked with blue stamp. month "July" is followed by the year and date that look handwritten. Signature and seal of the office of the Italian media sees probable signs of flattening.

"Movement 5 stars" has called the allegations about the secret funding by Venezuela's ridiculous fable, was denied them, and the Embassy of Venezuela in Rome. The Embassy stressed that they intend to start proceedings against the Spanish publications, and that "the authorities of Caracas will operate within the law".