The national Park "Land of leopard" began to receive tourists after the quarantine

The national Park "Land of leopard" in Primorye after the easing of restrictions on the coronavirus in the region has once again started to receive tourists, according to the institution.

Due to the restrictive measures of coronavirus an eco trail in the national Park was closed to the public since the end of March.

The national Park's staff has provided the possibility of observing the social distance of five feet, organized non-contact thermometry, is wet cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in public areas, valid mask mode. While in the national Park is still prohibited the holding of mass events.

Guests can enjoy ecological trails with excursions and independently.

The national Park "Land of leopard" is the habitat of the rarest large cats in the world - the Amur leopard. These carnivores live only in southwest Primorsky Krai, and on a small area of China bordering Russia, and probably North Korea. The bulk of the population lives in the national Park. In 2019 there were 97 adult individuals, eight individuals more than the previous year.

Mode isolation operates in Primorye, March 31, from April 30 - mask mode. May 26 began the first phase of the lifting of restrictions. On Monday, the government extended until June 30, the mode of increased readiness.