Experts analyzed U.S. foreign policy during a pandemic

The development of the crisis COVID-19, shows that the US refuses constructive role in international Affairs and take a course on the destruction of international organizations, according to the Gorbachev Fund.

The international Foundation for socio-economic and political studies (the Gorbachev Foundation) in the framework of its ongoing project "Examination" prepared a report "Pandemic as a challenge and new thinking in the twenty-first century." The lead author was founder of the Foundation, former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

"In reality, however, is obviously different: the United States not only refuse to participate in the international mechanisms (Paris agreement on climate action plan on the Iranian nuclear program, the agreement with Russia on nuclear disarmament), but also take a course on the destruction of international organizations," write the authors of the report.

As a last prominent example of this policy they mention the situation with the suspension of funding to the who and the US refusal to participate in convened on the initiative of the EU conference pledging into the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

"In these conditions for countries committed to international cooperation, the question arises whether it is possible to affect the position of the United States, whose capabilities, both positive and destructive, are still great. It is possible that in case of defeat trump on the upcoming elections in November the current trend reversed. However, we cannot exclude that it is long-term and in the long term, neither the EU nor any other power will not be able to take on the role of the leader", - is noted in the report.

Then there is the need for "collective leadership", the authors indicate. The question of what constitutes leadership, and what forms it may take, requires, in their opinion, serious consideration of the diplomatic and expert community.

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