The expert explained the senselessness of the demolition of the monument for anti-racism

Campaign against monuments in the UK – very unusual for this country, a phenomenon, moreover, that modern English – "racially colorblind", said in an interview with RIA Novosti British professional tourist guide Jerry Miller.

British activists on the backdrop of the anti-racism campaign that started after the death at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd, had prepared a list of monuments to be demolished, and institutions and streets in need, from their point of view, in renaming. During the recent protests hooligans caused racist inscriptions on a monument to Winston Churchill in London, and in Bristol piled with pedestal and threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston.

The government reacted angrily to the vandalism, promising, in particular, Express the trials of vandals. At the same time, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced the creation of a special Commission, which will examine the capital's monuments, street names, images, plaques and other memorials erected in honor of those or other historical and cultural figures. In the case that the glorified persons were connected with the slave trade, monuments can be demolished.

"All that happened a few days ago – it's not in the English style. Coined the label "slave owner" and lynched monuments. But the monuments-it was not for the fact that people were slave owners, but because they made some great contribution from the point of view of those who raised the monument. And demolish them, especially without a trial, that is, to Lynch, is not to reckon with the memory of those people who put the monument," said Miller.

In addition, said the interlocutor of the Agency, even assuming that the figures that the monuments were slaveholders, it is important to remember that they acted within the laws of his time.

According to Miller, the events in the UK and USA have completely different nature, and for the British what is happening is quite unusual.

"In the US fight for civil rights of the black population has continued for many decades. Here in Britain, immigrants first or second generation whose parents often came here illegally, just take the example of the African Americans. Modern British – racial color-blind. They don't see skin color, because for centuries lived side by side with representatives of all possible races, ethnic groups and traditions. And judge them for what their ancestors two hundred years ago did was wrong, the children of parents do not respond. More tolerant of outsiders than modern English, I have not seen. Not surprisingly even now, in the period of the epidemic, dozens of people from third world countries every day, who on rafts, who are on inflatable boats cross the English channel to get a chance at a better life in the United Kingdom," said Miller.

According to him, three important factors, warmed up the current protests in the UK – it's the natural disorder of first generation immigrants, unspent aggression in young people, caused by the quarantine and mass layoffs, and the participation of anarchists of the Anonymous movement, attached to any riots, regardless of the reason.

Miller said that those who want to demolish the monuments do not limit his accusations of racism.

"Now the sword of Damocles hung over of Nelson's column, a monument to the founder of southern and Northern Rhodesia Cecil Rhodes, the famous Explorer captain James cook, founder of the boy scout movement, and hence the Soviet pioneer, Robert Baden-Powell – the man in the grave which, as the epitaph says "Always ready". If so to judge, can demolish all the monuments. For example, some of Parliament is a stunning monument to Richard the Lionheart Baron Carlo Marochetti. How is it that Richard the Lionheart went to the Crusades, fought the Muslims, then there was definitely a chauvinist, a racist, should be taken down! Or near it is a monument to Oliver Cromwell, who bloody dealt with the rebellion of Catholics in Ireland. A complete disgrace, it is necessary to demolish! A couple of years ago discussed the issue of the demolition of Nelson's column because Nelson was a racist. So do all white British, men especially, were racist once, it is necessary to demolish, then," said the guide.

He suggested that the current campaign against monuments, not being organic to the UK, will soon subside. But as an example threat name-calling, he cited the situation with Baden-Powell.

"Monuments always: for someone it is important, and for someone it is a monument to the enemy. Baden-Powell is accused of that he sympathized with Hitler. Hitler invited him in 1938, just before WWII, to establish better relations with the "Hitler youth". In an interview with the then German Ambassador to London Joachim von Ribbentrop, Baden-Powell said that he is ready to do anything to improve the mutual understanding between Germany and great Britain. That's all. In Germany incidentally, he never went. And now over its monuments is under threat of demolition. Now, leaders of the boy scouts set the clock duty near the monument to Baden-Powell in Pula, to protect it from vandals. And I am afraid of the London monument, you know, stands next to the natural history Museum, next to the headquarters of the boy scout movement. Baden-Powell in short pants, tie. During the tour I tell tourists about him and now may lose part of interesting stories," complained Miller.