The expert warned "Rosatom" from the purchase of the "Sea launch"

The state Corporation "Rosatom" do not buy "Sea launch" in connection with the lack of missiles for the complex and the lack of a long-term strategy of its application, said RIA Novosti member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky, chief analyst of the Association "Digital transport and logistics" Andrei Ionin.

According to him, an example of a successful long-term prediction of market development is the story of SpaceX. "That's why Elon Musk became the leader of the space market, because in the early 2000-ies he foresaw many of the events including the advent of space-based Internet, with the development of the lunar program of the USA on the basis of which he will make major money," said Jonas.

At "Rosatom", according to the expert, there is no strategy for the use of complex "Sea launch". Although a subsidiary of the group S7, which owns the complex now – company S7 Space was the plan of becoming a space transport company through the use of the developed in Russia a nuclear tug. She wanted to provide services of cargo transportation through the floating spaceport and rockets into orbit, and tow - in deep space. A similar strategy could be of interest to "Roscosmos", says Jonas.