In Lebanon detained over 35 participants of pogroms and collisions

Military security forces arrested 36 rioters and clashes with the army and the police, the press service of the Ministry of defence of Lebanon.

On Monday, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Hassan Diyab stated the need to identify and arrest all the masterminds and perpetrators of the pogroms and clashes with police. The Prime Minister said that certain forces within the country and abroad are trying to destabilize the situation in Lebanon and endangering civil society, and private and public property.

In Lebanon, 17 October 2019 unrest began. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country staged anti-government demonstrations with the requirement to conduct efficient economic reforms, to prosecute politicians involved in corruption and return stolen from the state budget funds. In November, against the backdrop of unrest, he resigned the government of Saad Hariri.

In late January, the President approved a Cabinet of Ministers headed Debom, but the mass demonstrations in the country have not stopped. The streets of the Lebanese cities subsided only with the advent of the threat of the spread of coronavirus and the introduction of the regime in the country "civil mobilization". However, in April in Tripoli, Beirut and Saida, the people again came to the demonstration, which escalated into mass riots with arson of banks and clashes with the army and police.