The US Federal government in July will resume the death penalty

The US Federal government scheduled to resume in mid-July the death penalty after a nearly 20-year hiatus, according to the website of the Ministry of justice.

In July last year it was reported that US Federal authorities to resume the practice of the death penalty as an exceptional punishment after almost 20 years break.

The Ministry of justice reported that U.S. attorney General William Barr instructed the Federal Bureau of prisons to choose the dates of execution of death penalty of four Federal prisoners who were convicted of murder, and two of them also for the rape of children.

"Four murderers, the death penalty, the date of which was chosen today, have gone through a full and fair trial in accordance with the Constitution and laws," are available on the website of the Ministry of justice the words of the attorney General.

It is reported that the execution of death row prisoners scheduled for 13, 15 and 17 July and 28 August.

Earlier it was reported that the execution will be carried out using a drug that is already used in three States (GA, mo and TX). When taking this drug in large doses death occurs from respiratory arrest. Its use is endorsed including by the U.S. Supreme court as the appropriate eighth amendment of the Constitution, which prohibits the use of excessive punishment, including in the implementation of the death penalty.