Rosatom considers it inexpedient to purchase the "Sea launch"

Rosatom considers it inappropriate purchase of the complex "Sea launch" in the absence of such requirements for corporations, high competition in the launch services market, created the company SpaceX Elon musk, and a number of other reasons. This is stated in the materials of "Rosatom", which examined RIA Novosti.

Earlier some media reported that Rosatom is considering the acquisition of complex "Sea launch", which was recently relocated from the USA to Russia. Currently, the owner is a group of companies S7. For purchasing Sea launch from subsidiaries of Rocket-space Corporation "Energy" (part of "Rosatom") she at one time paid 150 million dollars.

The Department of management of investment activities and management support to new businesses of state Corporation "Roscosmos" found five risks associated with buying the property.

First, "the lack of significant needs of Rosatom state Corporation in space launches". Outlook as noted in the materials can only be associated with the creation of a Unified information system of space monitoring of the Arctic zone, however, to create the necessary total run by 2032 a total of 19 satellites. However, as previously reported, the complex is technically capable of up to 6 launches per year, and to become financially sustainable you need to spend 3-4 start each year.

Secondly, in the materials there is a lack in the "Rosatom" competencies to attract customers to start-UPS. "An important condition for attracting customers is a series of failure-free runs. Thus, in the first years of 100 percent loading complex "Sea launch" unlikely", - the experts of the Corporation.

Third, the purchase of the "Sea launch" will lead to competition with other domestic state Corporation - "Rosatom". "Due to the fact that the state Corporation "Roscosmos" more opportunities to attract customers, loading complex "Sea launch" will be carried out by a residual principle. Accordingly, 100% of complex "Sea launch" unlikely", - stated in the materials.

Fourth, the "Rosatom" noted the reduction in the cost of launching rockets on the commercial market in connection with the activities of SpaceX. This, accordingly, entails the need to create new competitive missiles, and hence additional investment. "So much more efficient to use a single launch services in case of need", - stated in the materials.

Fifth, in the "Rosatom" noted the need for compensation of accumulated losses and debt on the project "Sea launch". In this regard concludes that "requires a more detailed assessment of associated fees and potential cost of buying the complex."

The project "Sea launch" was created in 1995 for the operation of space-rocket complex sea-based. The founders of the company were made by the American Corporation Boeing (40% stake), Russia's RSC Energia (25%), Norwegian shipbuilding company Kvaerner (now Aker Solutions, 20%), the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye and PO Yuzhmash (15%). The Boeing company has conducted marketing service, Norwegian company Kvaerner provided the former drilling platform. Its conversion in the pad was carried out by Russian KB transport engineering. RSC Energia produced the upper stage block DM rocket "Zenit", which, in turn, was manufactured by the Ukrainian enterprise "Yuzhmash". The place-based command ship and the Odyssey floating launch pad was the port of long beach in California.

During the activities of the project from 1999 to 2014, there were 36 launches, of which three ended in crashes, one was declared partially successful. In 2009, the company Sea launch declared bankruptcy and reorganized. In 2010 a leading role in the project has received RSC Energia, increasing its stake to 95%, 3% of the shares were owned by Boeing and 2% of Aker Solutions. In 2013, Boeing filed a lawsuit in RKK "Energy" and CB "South" for the purpose of cost recovery to investors. 2014 due to the Russian-Ukrainian disagreements missile launches at the project were suspended, and the complex is conserved.

In 2016 S7 Group has announced the signing of a contract with the group of companies Sea Launch (subsidiary of RSC Energia), for the purchase of the property complex of the project "Sea start". The subject of the transaction was the ship Sea Launch Commander and the Odyssey platform with the installed equipment missile segment ground equipment at the home port in long beach (United States) and intellectual property rights owned by the company Sea Launch, including trademark.

In April 2018, S7 Group closed the transaction on purchase of the property complex of the project "Sea launch", becoming the full owner of the floating spaceport. The total transaction, including the withdrawal of the floating spaceport of conservation is about $ 150 million. While S7 Group has ordered Ukraine 12 missiles "Zenit", relying on the resumption of launches, but never received permission from the Russian government for the supply of components to Ukraine to complete the Assembly of missiles.

As a result, in March 2020, the complex received preliminary approval from the U.S. state Department, was transferred to Russia. In late April, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the S7 Group Vyacheslav Filev said in an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant" that the project "Sea launch" frozen until better times. At about this time it became known that Russia's Roscosmos set the task to the enterprises to carry out the economic rationale for the resumption of the "Sea launch" - estimate the cost of repair of the floating spaceport and the establishment of a new rocket "Soyuz-7". The launches are scheduled to resume in 2024.

Currently, the complex cannot be used, because it is not produced rocket. Roscosmos, in turn, offers S7 Group the creation of a new rocket "Soyuz-7" on the basis of "Soyuz-5". However, its development has not yet started.