USA will allow its companies to cooperate with Huawei in the standards of 5G networks

The United States confirmed that they intend to amend the previously imposed restrictions on cooperation with Huawei Corporation, which will allow American companies to work with Chinese telecommunications giant on standards of 5G networks, reported the U.S. Department of Commerce on Monday.

It is noted that the U.S. Department of Commerce and several other agencies have approved the amendments, the document will be published on Tuesday. The Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross confirmed the relevant intention.

This decision, as specified in the statement is intended to make restrictions Huawei has not prevented American companies continue to introduce innovative technologies throughout the country.

The US accuses Huawei, in cooperation with the military and intelligence service of the PRC and possible surveillance of customers and convince several countries to use infrastructure and equipment of Huawei, the transition to the standard of mobile communication 5G. The Chinese company claims that the accusations are unfounded, politically motivated and violate the principles of market competition.

In may last year, Huawei is in the black list of the USA, it blocks her path to the purchase of us components and technology. However, since the US has repeatedly provided Huawei the delay sanctions, allowing you to purchase American-made goods to maintain networks and software updates to existing phones.