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Media: gunman in police in Moscow found a notebook with "praying"

"The fifth channel" has published pictures depicting notebook with extremist content, which allegedly belonged to the arrow, attacked police officers on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow.

It is emphasized that in the pages the attacker was asked before the attack the help of "a higher power" and wanted to "hasten the meeting".

In addition, the telephone men found records with attacks on police officers. It is noted that now the apartment arrow being searched.

Earlier it was reported that law enforcement officers are planning to interview two neighbors of the perpetrator, which, in the same way as he came to the capital from Ingushetia.

Monday on Lenin Avenue there was a shootout involving police. The traffic police stopped the taxi driver for a traffic violation. At this time it began to shoot a passerby, forcing the law enforcers to return fire from his service weapon.

The attacker, a native of Nazran Galaev, wounded and detained. One of the sources RIA Novosti reported that the man died, but later the Investigative Committee denied this information. Was urgently hospitalized to one of the police officers who were seriously injured. Criminal case is brought.