In Atlanta announced the reform of police after the death of African American Brooks

The mayor of Atlanta keisha lance bottoms announced the reform of city police, including in relation to the use of lethal force and de-escalation of the conflict, she declared Monday at a press conference.

"The police should be protectors, not fighters," said the mayor, expressing condolences to the family of the deceased during the arrest of African-American Rashard Brooks.

According to the mayor, by decree it initiates reform of the city police, which should relate to "reactions of police of Atlanta to provide them with resistance, especially in relation to the use of lethal force" and "de-escalate conflicts to the use of lethal force."

In Atlanta before the beginning of the protests over the death of African-American Rashard Brooks with the arrest by the police. Brooks, who in a drunken state slept in the Parking lot of the fast food restaurant, was detained by the police, but began to resist, pulled out a COP's Taser and tried to escape. The policeman opened fire. Brooks died in the hospital.

Earlier in late may-the United States swept the protests against racism and police brutality after the murder of a white policeman African American George Floyd. The authorities of many cities in the light of the protests said the police reform and revision of police training.