The MP stood up for Kirkorov after the controversial movie about paratroopers

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin commented on the movie about paratroopers with the participation of the singer Philip Kirkorov, calling it harmless.

Previously Kirkorov starred in the video for the Comedy sketch show. In it, the singer appeared in the guise of paratrooper, which angered the former head of the airborne forces Vladimir Shamanov, who called the story disgusting and urged the artist to remove the video "for your own good".

Shereen drew attention, which is a career officer in the Navy, graduated from the Ryazan airborne school, and did not see a video featuring artist anything offensive.

The MP drew attention that the "blue beret", which "so offended the troops" now are all representatives of the aerospace defence forces, so it is not "exclusive headdress or form element of the clothes is just for paratroopers."

"Our airborne beret can be worn who wants in our country, so what you're offended then?" — it asked a question.

Sherin called "offended" on topics that do relate to the paratroopers.