The victim commented on the death of lieferung Alena Verdi

Anastasia Ismailova, the victim of lieferung Alena Verdi, which was accused of causing deformities to their patients, confirmed that she died without regaining consciousness. This writes the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Earlier it was reported that Verdi could die from overdose of drugs. It is alleged that the woman's body received an excessive dose of insulin, leading to hypoglycemic coma.

According to her, Verdi took drugs, who "wasn't right". In addition, before she drank alcohol.

The lawyer of the injured Andrei Taran believes that the case against Verdi's will be closed on non-rehabilitating circumstances.

Speaking of damages, the lawyer said that Verdi left the property, so the "offset from".

In April last year against Verdi opened a criminal case in Krasnodar. According to investigators, in 2015 the defendant, who had no special education, did plastic surgery at home. Some of her patients were disabled, one woman died.