In Moscow will earn summer terraces of cafes and restaurants

Museums, galleries, zoos and summer terraces of cafes and restaurants open in Moscow after the restrictions on the coronavirus in addition, dental clinics planned to resume seeing patients.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin said that after a few weeks of pandemic coronavirus in Moscow is on the decline, number of hospitalizations, new cases and deaths decreasing, the capital gradually returned to normal.

The mayor has announced a schedule for a gradual easing of restrictions in Moscow on 9 June in the capital was abolished, the regime of permits and isolation, the Muscovites were able to move freely around the city, in the capital, finally opened Barber shops, beauty salons and a number of other enterprises, the full amount of earned car-sharing, and theatres and circuses resumed rehearsals of their teams.

Tuesday starts a new stage of the removal of restrictions on the coronavirus.

One of the most anticipated events - the opening of summer terraces of cafes and restaurants. Previously, they could only work for take out or for delivery. Tuesday, Muscovites will finally be able to sit out on the verandas of favorite cafes.

The main condition for beginning work was the observance of safety measures and requirements of the CPS: the presence of disinfectants and personal protective equipment, control measuring the temperature of staff and visitors, observance of a distance – tables must be installed at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

As previously noted by the Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov, will open in the capital about 3 thousand summer cafes. According to him, this year because of the threat of the pandemic season of summer terraces has been moved, proceed to the installation of structures restaurateurs are only at the beginning of June.

But most catering companies can open their facilities for Muscovites in a week, June 23.

In addition, on Tuesday in Moscow to resume provision of routine care in dental clinics. March 26 dentists were able to provide only emergency care for acute pain and other emergencies.

On Tuesday, its doors also open museums and galleries, but visit them will be electronic tickets.

Like all businesses, they are required to follow the recommendations of the CPS: to conduct frequent cleaning with disinfectants, to provide employees with means of protection, to measure the temperature of employees, to limit contact between employees from different departments and divisions of the Museum.

Carrying out of individual excursions and group tours with a maximum of five people and ensuring social distance between groups and visitors, for the same routing inside the Museum should be built in such a way as to exclude counter flows of people.

Moscow zoo will also be open for visitors on Tuesday after a three-month break. Remain closed internal spaces of the pavilions and exhibits, and a petting zoo.

Use of benches, pavilions and playgrounds at the zoo, too, is impossible. The zoo will work from 7.30 am till 22.00 to enter the territory can be up to 21.00. Offices remain closed, to issue concessional tickets and buy conventional on the website of the institution.

Also subject to compliance with all health safety standards start to work libraries, real estate offices, rental services, advertising, consulting and other agencies providing services to citizens and business.

In addition, it is now possible to visit sporting events, but on the condition that the stands will be filled for no more than 10%.

Previously, from June 1, the mayor opened the stadiums and other sports facilities for the training of members of national teams of Moscow and Russia, as well as players of professional sports clubs. At the same time, guests and audiences to exercise is not allowed.

Later in the same interview, the mayor noted that the full extent of restriction on mass gatherings, including sports events, cinemas, theatres can be withdrawn in July, but with the continued improvement of the epidemiological situation. According to him, if it gets worse, the terms will be removed.

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