Ugra has sentenced ex-police officer charged with fraud

A former investigator of the Department of the MIA for Nefteyugansk rayon (Khanty) was sentenced to eight years in a penal colony on fraud charges for promising to help a suspect to escape serious punishment in exchange for money, according to regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

The investigation revealed that within two years the police have been repeatedly misled by suspects in criminal cases. He, without authority, promised to assist the court has appointed the minimum punishment, and also assured that will help you to exclude specific offences from the indictment. In addition, the militiaman demanded from the suspects the money allegedly went to pay lawyers, although they have provided their services due to the budget.

"For his promises, he demanded from the victims compensation in the amount from 5 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. For the period of criminal activity, defendant received more than 230 thousand rubles from 11 citizens", - stated in the message.

The crime was revealed by employees of private security service regional UMVD. The criminal case against the police officer, dismissed for negative motives, the investigators initiated under article about fraud.

"The verdict of the court... the defendant was found guilty of all alleged crimes and he was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment in a penal colony with a ban to hold positions in bodies of internal Affairs for two years", - added in the SUCK.