The scientist spoke about the legacy of the first Minister of health Vorobyov

The first Minister of health of Russia Andrei Vorobyov, who died Monday, gave impetus to the development of technology-transplant medical care, said RIA Novosti head of the Department of Hematology and Transfusiology of the Russian medical Academy of continuing professional education Evgeny Nikitin.

Earlier, assistant health Minister of Russia Alexei Kuznetsov told RIA Novosti that on Monday died, the first Minister of health of Russia Andrei Vorobyov, head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko has sent a telegram of condolence to relatives and friends.

He noted that the Chernobyl disaster found in Vorobyov head of the clinical Department of the Biophysics Institute of the Ministry of health of the USSR, he was the initiator and member of the government Commission on the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In addition, he and his staff developed a system of biological dosimetry, allowing in mass radiation injuries to diagnose and triage, appropriate treatment.

Sparrows also took an active part in helping the victims of the earthquake in Armenia, has made a significant contribution to the development of the treatment of crush syndrome, which allowed to keep the damaged extremities, avoiding amputations.

"In 90 years we was high mortality of women in childbirth. Andrey Ivanovich has created in Moscow hematologic mobile outreach service, based at the SSC, which is visited every case of severe postpartum haemorrhage. Of course, this contributed to reducing maternal mortality," - said Nikitin.

According to him, the sparrows were socially active in the past year, already confined to a wheelchair, still continued to work.