"Sell in distress": she criticized the family of the deceased Zakharova

. Actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina was indignant with the consent of the relatives of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov to work in television.

"The family of the deceased, did not have time to cool down the body have contracts with Malakhov-Borisov, and sitting on the sofa, suffering for 30 pieces of silver. No, not in the sincerity of suffering I don't believe I don't understand how you can sell your misery?" — she wrote on Instagram.

In her opinion, the accident occurred "opened the abscess of society", which allegedly lies in the lack of moral rules and of the national idea.

In addition, she expressed bewilderment at the reaction to the video message of Ephraim.

"How can you not make sincere repentance? Or are we not Orthodox?" — wrote the artist.

She expressed the opinion that Efremov he will castigate himself for the rest of his days. She also called family zakharovykh accept an apology and money from the artist.

"And yet... through all that grief is better in the Church, in the family circle and not in front of the entire country. Messed it somehow, I'm sorry..." — said Shukshin.

On Monday, the actor Mikhail Efremov Jeep Grand Cherokee smashed into the van, Lada, drove into the oncoming lane on Smolensk square. Driving domestic cars was a 57-year-old Sergey Zakharov. He got head injury and died the next morning.

The examination revealed blood artist traces of alcohol and drugs. Investigators opened a criminal case in which the actor faces up to 12 years in prison.

Last week Efremov recorded a video message in which he apologized and offered compensation to the relatives of the deceased. The family's lawyer said that the family Zakharov refused any financial assistance and would not accept an apology. They are also angered that the artist had not tried to contact him personally and posted a public video.