In the Ugra test data on the appearance of a photo of the veterans at the beach locker room

The authorities of the Soviet area HMAO has appointed an investigation after the publication in social networks videos from the local beach, locker room which is covered with a banner with photos of veterans of the great Patriotic war, the press service of the district administration.

Previously a journalist and former MP from neighbouring Yugorsk Anton Pantin said on his page on the social network "Vkontakte" that the beach at the lake in the Soviet area equipped with a changing room, which was covered with banners with photographs of veterans. He illustrated the post with the corresponding video.

The municipality said that the video filmed on the lake Youth located 43 kilometers from the city Soviet.

"Administration of the Soviet district is verifying information... the Department of the MIA of Russia for the Soviet district head of district to promptly send a statement of verification of information mentioned in the video, and taking appropriate response measures", - stated in the message.

In a press-service of the regional administration also said that a similar arrangement of locker rooms, as well as the use of the citizens, "is invalid" and deserves not only public censure, but "more serious punishment".

In turn, the Pantin later placed another post on this topic, explaining that the banners with images of veterans in the locker room at the beach was replaced by a transparent plastic film.