Ukrainian public figures assessed the status of deputies "public Servants"

Half of the deputies of the Pro-presidential parliamentary faction of the "Servant of the people", according to their declarations, are millionaires, according to the Committee of voters of Ukraine on Monday.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the salary of 5-6 thousand hryvnia (about 188-225 dollars), though is low, but does not mean that people with that income are below the poverty line.

"Half of the "Servant of the people" - the millionaires: 153 deputies of the faction "servant of the people" are millionaires, according to their declarations. All at a fraction of 247 MPs, so a millionaire is every second member of monopolista", - stated in the report of the Committee on the page in Facebook.

The three leaders are members of the faction, Oleg Voron'ko - declared 123 million ($4.6 million), Alexander Sova - 79 million (almost 3 million) and Andrew Gerus - 38 million ($1.4 million).

Together 247 deputies of the "Servants of the people" declared 1.1 billion hryvnia (41.2 million dollars). The calculation takes into account only monetary assets of members of: cash and cash placed on Bank accounts. Real estate and other valuable assets in calculation did not undertake. Also not included monetary assets owned by wives, husbands of the members and their joint funds.

The minimum wage in Ukraine since January 1 is about $ 200, the indicators included in the state budget for the current year. A living wage is about $ 87, a minimum pension of about $ 70.