The protest in Moscow city court: the lives of white American spies are important!

Yesterday in the Moscow city court announced the verdict in one of the most high-profile cases recently: fifty-year-old Paul Whelan was sentenced to sixteen years in a penal colony for espionage.

The reaction of the States was expected — lightning fast and sharp. U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan stated that he was "disappointed and outraged". A few hours later, when the ocean morning came, the battle joined Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. He also expressed outrage via Twitter and demanded "the immediate release" Whelan.

But, in principle, to wait on another and have not, since the US authorities from the very beginning and at a very high level paid great attention to this case. Ambassador Sullivan repeatedly personally came to the trial, however, never missed them.: because of the top secret review took place behind closed doors. Moreover, for Americans actively petitioned the authorities of three countries (the UK, Canada and Ireland), because his passport is already four States.

So this time, in addition to the States, once expressed the UK, whose Ambassador in Moscow, assured that her country would continue to support Whelan and his family.

As for the hero of the story, his biography tailored downright Hollywood patterns.

A decade and a half of service in the marine Corps of the United States. In the record of among other things — two tours in Iraq. Then work in the security services of commercial companies with numerous trips around the world, including Russia. Well, eighteen months ago — the detention room of the Moscow hotel and discovering it stick with secret information.

The Russian side believes that Paul Whelan — American human intelligence.

To approve the former marine, the stick had been planted, the case was fabricated, this is a provocation and "an absurd political kidnapping".

When the verdict Whelan was attached to the glass cubicle in the courtroom, a piece of paper which hand was a few brief messages to the world: from the Declaration of fictitiousness of the court before touching the congratulations of some Flora happy birthday. According to the British Daily Mail, it's his dog.

In the same handwritten address, he accused Russia of providing him with medical assistance. Yes, that's right — in provision.

In late may, the Russian doctors have made Whelan an operation for hernia. It is something he has mentioned on his poster as "meatball surgery" (literally — "frikadelka surgery") — in English the so-called emergency surgery for stabilization of the patient.

Claims to Russia are that, first, he was denied consultation us doctor, and secondly, with the operation allegedly unreasonably pulled, which it eventually had to be carried out urgently, when — again, allegedly — threatened life.

Recent political developments in the West have provided many examples of persecution of people who dared to assert that matters the life of every person (not just African Americans). In particular, so a couple of weeks ago lost a job, a sports commentator from Sacramento Grant Napier. This position is now seen as racism, cultural appropriation and devaluation of blacks.

So with the successful white American no matter what a difficult situation it may be — it's pretty risky to try to exploit that slogan. Progressive Western public may not understand such politically incorrect and not to feel sufficient empathy, even though prospects in order to be in a terrible Russian Gulag in Siberia.