Putin had a telephone conversation with Survived

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic, during which confirmed the visit to Serbia at the consecration of the St. Sava temple in Belgrade, which is expected in the fall, said the administration of the Serbian President.

The Serbian President said earlier that the authorities began preparations for the Russian leader's visit in October for the consecration of the region's largest Orthodox temple of St. Sava, whose decoration is carried out with the help of Russian media and experts.

"President Putin confirmed that will again visit Serbia to attend Central state ceremony of the consecration of the temple of Saint Sava, and noted that Russia will help the interests of Serbia, as well as to protect the interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church", - is spoken in the message.

Vucic stressed that it will be my honor to accept the President of Russia and referred to the "invaluable contribution" of the Russian Federation in creating the largest Orthodox temple in Serbia.

The Serbian President also again thanked for the invitation to the Victory parade in Moscow June 24, and pointed to the importance of preserving historical truth.

Vucic welcomed the first after the pandemic COVID-19 visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on June 18 in Serbia, and added that with pleasure waiting for his arrival, which is the confirmation of friendly relations and strategic partnership. Topics of Lavrov's visit, he said, will be the Russian-Serbian political and economic cooperation and the situation in the Balkans and in the world.