In the state Duma, ruled out the possibility of discussions with Ukraine, Crimea

The question of Russian status of Crimea is closed completely, the creation of any international negotiation formats may not be out of the question, said the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation of the Crimea region Michael Sheremet.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian government supports the modernization of the dialogue with Russia on settlement of the conflict in the Donbas with the support of international partners and the creation of a separate platform on the question of the "return" of the Crimea. This is stated in the programme of activities of the Cabinet of Ministers, the draft of which was sent for approval to the Verkhovna Rada.

"All this is a private initiative of the Kiev authorities, which has no real continue. There is nothing to discuss. The question is closed. No international platforms cannot be considered. Crimea - is the territory of the Russian Federation and no other interpretation can not be. The subject of discussion there. Russia is not discussing with anyone its territory and is able to protect them", - told RIA Novosti Sheremet.

According to him, if Kiev wants to raise the issue of Crimea, it is worth doing only in the key of recognition of the reunification of the Peninsula with the Russian Federation and restore good-neighborly partnership relations. "Otherwise, it is not necessary to invent any fake international platform," - said the Deputy.