British expert travel told about the flight after quarantine

British travel expert Simon Calder has shared his experience of flights from London to Glasgow, it was the first flight of the airline-loukostera after several weeks of suspension due to the coronavirus, reports the Express.

According to him, when he arrived at the airport, he was the only person passing the preflight inspection. He helped 40 of security personnel. "It's great to get back on the plane, but I will tell you that the prices... I paid 175 pounds (15.3 thousand rubles)", — said the expert.

The picture changed when he came on Board. Free places were few, so keep social distance was impossible.

"Of course, all wear masks, and it is hoped that if we all continue to do it, we'll stay safe," he said.

To the question about why the airline puts the passengers at a distance less than the recommended two metres of each other, he explained that it is doing what it can, and the choice to fly or not is at the discretion of the tourists.

Chief Executive officer of the airline, Johan Lundgren said that the carrier has received guidance from international regulatory bodies to develop an enhanced regime of safety and health before resuming operations.

The passengers and crew are required to wear masks, aircraft are regularly subjected to deep purification, and the customers are provided with disinfectant wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer.

To a journalist's question, will he worry about his health, if the plane will be crowded, Lundgren replied that he would feel safe 100 percent.