The acting head of the EAO asked for help in the aftermath of the hail

The acting head of the Jewish Autonomous region Rostislav Goldstein appealed to the Federal centre with the request to give the region the means to eliminate the consequences of heavy hail in the village of Nikolaevka, the damage from which made up 60 million rubles, the press service of the Governor.

Earlier it was reported that hail the size of a pigeon's egg fell on Nikolaevka on Saturday night, damaged the roofs of houses and social objects, vehicles, glazing of greenhouses, died in garden planting. In the village work of the Commission for the assessment of damages, there arrived rescuers, introduced a state of local emergency.

It is noted that by Monday evening it is determined that heavy rain with hail and high winds damaged the roofs of 34 apartment buildings and around thousands of private residential houses, two schools, hospitals, houses of culture. In some buildings shattered Windows. In the village of disrupted electricity to the residential sector. Destroyed crops. From homeowners already made 424 applications.

According to the press service, on elimination of consequences of this emergency reserve Fund of the government of the Jewish Autonomous region already sent 900 thousand rubles, including for urgent emergency restoration work. But not enough to eliminate the consequences.

It is noted that only in the emergency area employs 173 people, 22 units of equipment, including from EMERCOM of Russia 72 people and 9 pieces of equipment. From the regional reserve in the village of sent materials, from the contingency Fund of the government of the Jewish Autonomous region 879,3 thousand rubles for payment will protect you also tissue to protect roofs from rain at the time of repair.