Trump has accused Biden in a bad trade deals and "endless wars"

Trump compared his successes as President with "lapses" in his political career Biden, accused him of bad trade deals and "endless wars".

"In less than four years I have done more than Biden for more than 40 years, including black America," wrote on Monday trump in his Twitter account.

"For decades Biden has been part of every disastrous decision: bad trade deals, endless war and all, but he showed a complete lack of leadership qualities. He is weak and doomed to failure!!!", - wrote trump.

Trump and Biden, former Vice President and the most likely candidate for the nomination of the Democratic party in the upcoming presidential election in the fall, conduct a polemic. Trump regularly accuses rival of weakness and inadequacy, allows a direct insult, Biden indicates the exceeding of the current President his powers, criticizes the actions of trump in relation to protests and other issues.