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FNS has returned to self-employed 1.3 billion rubles in taxes in 2019

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia has listed the self-employed 1.3 billion rubles paid for 2019 taxes, said the Minister Daniil Egorov.

"We first started the payout for taxes paid in 2019. The total amount of taxes paid in 2019, is 1.5 billion rubles. We have listed 1.3 billion," - said Egorov at the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation for implementation of the adopted measures to support the economy and social sphere.

The remaining funds, he said, will be listed as soon as the payers of the tax on professional income who are eligible for these payouts, will be tied to the app "My tax" your Bank card.

Tax on professional income is a special tax regime for self-employed people, which operates in several regions of Russia: you can install on your smartphone a special application, to register and work legally without visiting the tax office. The tax rate is 4% of revenue with physical and 6% - for legal entities.

When you register self-employed receives a bonus of 10 thousand rubles, which can pay their first taxes. The President of the Russian Federation in the framework of the business support measures in terms of coronavirus instructed to return the self-employed paid for last year tax. In addition, payers of tax on professional income tax provided additional capital – the so-called tax bonus in the amount of one minimum wage (12 130 rubles). It can be used to pay the tax on the professional income up to the end of the year.

"As for the bonuses – at 00 hours 00 minutes on the first of June all self-employed, bonuses were accrued for the payment of taxes. More than 730 thousand people now these accruals can benefit," - said Egorov.

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