Whose dictatorship are preparing amendments to the Constitution

In the remaining two weeks before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution campaigning for and against will only grow — but the main claim of the opponents is already clear. Call themselves Democrats and human rights defenders fans of "the saints of the 90s" outraged "coup d'etat" and urged to vote against Navalny speaks for a boycott of the vote, and opposed the Communist party. If "Democrats" and yalnizcam basically do not like everything that comes from Vladimir Putin, the argument of the Communists more difficult: securing social state status is good, but "strengthening of presidential dictatorship and the strengthening of oligarchic rule" is very bad. But what about the dictatorship and what about the oligarchs in question — what are we, back in the 90s?

Because then it rules the President, who lost in the literal sense of the word anti-reform public support, and shot the Parliament — and then from clever people, and there are oligarchs who bought up for a pittance the state, privatizing many state functions and korrumpirovaniya the state apparatus, turning officials in his henchmen or accomplices. Classic oligarchic rule by relying on the dictatorship of the President-a puppet that had no support among the people.

And in 2020 we are told that Putin is going to strengthen the dictatorship and to strengthen the power of the oligarchs? Which he was removed from power in the beginning of zero?

The President himself responded to critics in an interview he gave on Friday:

"With regard to oligarchic rule and the strengthening of the dictatorship. On the contrary. After all, the President has given some very significant powers. If today — today the President himself says the President of the government, with the consent of the state Duma, and then without the consent of the Parliament appoints the Ministers in fact, the situation is changing dramatically. Now the final decision on the Prime Minister takes Parliament itself, as well as the Ministers, and the President in the proposed Constitution has no right to reject them. This significant part of the powers given to the Parliament.