The experts made recommendations for the opening of the tourist season

The Russian geographic society have developed and submitted to the Federal tourism Agency recommendations related to the opening of the tourist season, the press service of the RGS.

The guidelines were developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of tourism and travel, academics, representatives of regional branches of the Society, with partners-tour operators, business representatives and public associations.

"I believe that tough measures in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Russia basically ended. Of course, about the disease can not be forgotten, but it is impossible to deprive people of the right to rest, — said Vladimir Kotlyakov, honorary President of the RGS, Chairman of the Committee on tourism development. — Therefore, my opinion, shared in General and the Commission for the development of tourism PRO, is that in the coming summer season should be open all of the enterprise for tourism and recreation in most parts of the territory of Russia. An exception can be strictly limited to areas where there exist "pockets" coronavirus".

RGS proposes to abolish the two-week observation on the areas important for tourism. A reasonable alternative may be a test for coronavirus infection on the eve of departure or upon entry to the region.

Ecological, scientific, cultural tourism should become a priority direction. This corresponds to the trend in travel with the use of new tourism formats (glamping, houseboats, eco-trails and eco-trails, visits to protected areas). Such travel in ecologically clean regions, which themselves have high health properties, do not assume unnecessary social contacts, a mass congestion of people. For these types of holidays require the formation of special government support measures. The priority, according to PRO and it experts, this season is for organized tourism, able to provide security.

In order to allow people to plan their trip, RGS proposes to consider the possibility of creating a public map of the country with the assignment of the particular region the status of "green" or "red" risk and opportunities of local health care in a timely manner to provide medical assistance to visitors. The society proposes to create a section on the official website of the Federal tourism Agency, and Stopmanager.Russia, where will be presented the current situation in the regions and at the resorts.

The company continues cooperation with its partners — the largest tour operators of domestic tourism, in the framework of the project "Travel with a PRO". Leading experts are certified routes and tours on a range of indicators, including cognition, safety, comfort. Certification and sign a "Recommended PRO" has been already held 59 rounds of 10 tour operators.